Oakfield Sports

We teach the skills to be competitive while using the Bible to encourage positive sportsmanship and character development.


Spring Soccer League

2020 Season
Registration Deadline March 21
Season Starts May 2
Last Game / Awards June 6


Winter Basketball League

2020 Season
Registration Deadline December 7
Season Starts January 6
Last Game / Awards Feb. 22

Oakfield sports leagues include...

A Bible emphasis and devotional at every practice

Scripture memory that is applied to every aspect of the sport

Team prayer at every practice and game

competitive skill development by dedicated coaches

And much more


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are practices and games held?  All practices and games are at Oakfield Baptist Church.

What day will my child practice?  The practice day and time depends on when the coach wants to have practice (set at the beginning of the season).  Parents are able to mark 1 day they are not able to practice during registration and we try to honor that.   If you want a specific time and day, volunteer as a coach! :)

How long are practices and games?  All practices are 1 hour.  And most of the games are 1 hour.  The oldest division will play according to MHSAA rules and the game may be longer.

Is it possible to have all of my kids on the same team?  The age divisions are usually 4-5 yrs. old, 1st - 2nd grade, 3rd - 4th grade, 5th-6th grade, and 7th-12th grade.  Depending on the number of registrations the divisions can change.  We try to make this easy on parents, but it is also our goal to keep the teams competitive.  When possible we will do both.

Are boys and girls on the same team?  At this stage in their development it is not necessary to put them on separate teams.  However, if we have enough players to make a boys division & girls division we would not be opposed to it.

Can my child be put on the same team as their friends?  Our process for assigning teams is... 1. Make teams competitive (equal in skill level).  2. Assign coaches.  3. Adjust if possible for parents preferences.  We are a very friendly program and there is no doubt that many new friends will be made across the league.

Is this league only for Oakfield Baptist Church members?  No.  We want everyone!

What can I do to help?  We need volunteers in every area...coaches, referees, set-up, clean up, concessions, scoreboard, and more.

My child has never played before, is this league for them?  Absolutely!  We will teach them the skills to be competitive in soccer, but our main emphasis is to prepare them to be successful in every area of their life through the application of the Bible.  We are a fun league and it is a very positive atmosphere for everyone.  Most of our players have never played before.

Are scholarships available?  Yes.  We will make sure that every player who wants to play can play.  Call the church office anytime to request information about receiving a scholarship.  616.754.9385

What equipment do I need to buy?  All soccer players will need soccer cleats (yes there is a difference) and shin guards before they can participate (we have scholarships for this too).  Basketball players need a clean pair of shoes.  Every player will receive a shirt with their name and number on the back.  You are responsible for the rest of the clothing (socks, shorts, etc.)  We provide water (although a water bottle would be easier).  And we provide all the balls and goals.

Interested in coaching/refereeing but don't know the sport well?  We offer free training to all coaches and referees.  And referees eat for free.

More about our League Director... Chris Minor, our Senior Pastor, played sports in High School and College, and has almost 20 years experience coaching youth and High School sports.